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Ubiquinol: Your Heart's Ultimate Energy Source

Ubiquinol: Your Heart's Ultimate Energy Source

February is American Heart Month, and it's the perfect time to support your cardiovascular system with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. When it comes to heart health, one supplement in particular really shines: ubiquinol. This active antioxidant form of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is critical for cellular energy, contributing to heart health and overall wellness.

Ubiquinol supports to cardiovascular health in a variety of ways. It helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and healthy arteries, supports a strong heartbeat, and ensures optimal functioning of the heart muscle. And while every cell in the body depends on the energy produced by CoQ10 in the mitochondria, this is especially true for the heart. According to one expert, while each cell in your biceps contains 200 mitochondria, every heart cell has 5,000!

Since CoQ10 is found in high concentrations in the heart, signs of deficiency include cardiovascular problems such as heart failure, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and angina. Anyone taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs is at an increased risk for deficiency, since these drugs work by inhibiting the enzyme that is also required for CoQ10 synthesis. People on statins who have low CoQ10 levels may experience fatigue and achy joints and muscles.

CoQ10 is not highly absorbable in the body, but ubiquinol is. Our ability to convert CoQ10 to ubiquinol declines as we age, so when choosing a supplement, the highly available ubiquinol form is a wise choice.

The heart is the most energy-demanding organ in the body, so it's critical to give it the energy it needs to function optimally and support well-being. Ubiquinol provides fuel that the cells can more easily absorb and use than CoQ10, so opt for ubiquinol to get the most out of this heart-healthy antioxidant.

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